sexta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2014


Tired, feeling nothing, feeling replaceable.
Maybe living is not that good.

Think everything comes and goes in seconds, yes it's true.
In life, both good and bad things there. You can set out on my face that it seems that I am suffering, or as they say masochist.

No, I do not like to suffer.
No, I do not like to feel bad.
No, I do not like feeling dirty.

I am as I am, why I had my reasons. I do what I can to not see you suffer, but may be by my side is not a good idea.
I do not know what I want, and it ends up hurting you, not when the only thing on my mind is silence. The desire to be alone, to think of nothing, of not expecting anything, of not wanting anything.

Only silence.
Only the darkness.
Only the void.
Is that what I'm feeling more comfortable.
So ..

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