terça-feira, 17 de março de 2015

My Goal

I felt this light touch so soft.

Oh, how good you play, how good it felt its warmth.

A hug, hug me this afternoon, take me with you on this road full of smiles, this road you walk happily and carefree.
Beware of stones, carefully.
Oh, keep calm, I'm here to hold your hand.
No, I will not let you fall, do not worry.

I want to be well on his side, holding his hand and thinking with you on what is to come, hoping for the best and preparing for what is coming obstacles. Feel this love so sweet, just feel this warm affection is enough, know that you are happy that it has nothing in the world that can help you but me, is enough.

Oh, how am selfish, baby..
Oh, let me be the only one to enjoy that your innocent love, this silent touch that makes all my senses awakened.

I bring this life so incredible that you think to our reality, our reality together. Let's move on this path, we will not divert us from this goal.

Why my goal is you, you are my way..